Fun Team Sports for Parent and Child Fitness

Does your family need more fitness time? Playing together is a great way to stay close while staying in shape. Fitness is important for all ages, and parents are the best role models when it comes to establishing a healthy lifestyle. This guide will recommend a few great sports that the entire family can enjoy – these games make it easy to turn television nights into team sport afternoons.

Competitive Sports to Bolster Confidence

Sometimes a little bit of competition is just what a family needs to find fitness motivation. The feeling of winning (and learning how to lose gracefully) are very important to a child’s confidence and can help families feel closer for the experience. We love soft-competition games like tennis, where scorekeeping isn’t nearly as important as the physical interaction.

Basketball is another game that provides a competitive edge. This sport is ideal in the common family situation where the kids are a little more physically capable than the adults are; kids will have to do more running to get in position to shoot, while parents can work on playful defense and long-distance shots.

Team Sports to Bring the Whole Family Together

Competition isn’t right for every family. Younger children and children who are less active might feel better playing as a family team. Soccer is one game that, while traditionally fairly competitive, can be played without any competition at all – if the entire family is playing on the same team, everybody can work together to get the ball in the goal. Basketball can be adapted in a similar way.

Are you looking for something a little more structured? Martial arts can be a great sport that the entire family can enjoy. Martial arts teachers always love to have a few extra adults around even in group classes, but individual family classes are available in many areas as well. Your kids will learn confidence and respect, and you’ll learn a few cool moves that are sure to impress the younger ones. Every type of martial arts has the potential to unleash a powerful workout as well. The room for advancement gives kids something to get excited about week after week.

Don’t forget to pack a few healthy snacks! A day of physical activity can drain energy from children just as much as it can drain energy from parents. Fresh fruits, hearty sandwiches, and veggie snack packs can make halftime and post-game feasts even more fun. Good nutrition goes hand in hand with fitness.

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